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Vita-Cat Nutritional Supplement 6KG
Vita-Cat Nutritional Supplement 6KG

Vita-Cat Nutritional Supplement 6KG

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Vita-Cat Nutritional Supplement is used and recommended by Top Breeders

Just a pinch a day, sprinkled onto wet and/or dry food, energizes, boosts the immune system and supports the overall health of all ages, weights and breeds of cats. This supplement can be used in tiny amounts added to an orphaned kitten's formula, added to "glop" recipes for early weaning of kittens and/or extra support for a tired pregnant or lactating mother cat. Developed by scientists, veterinarians and formulators to enhance the health and lives of cats, this unique Vita- Cat supplement contains many important minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins especially needed by active felines' metabolisms.

INCLUDING Shark Cartilage 130/kg Green Lipped Mussel 25g/kg

Protexin Soluble 100/kg Solaminovit 100/kg (See Table) Glucosamine 22g/kg

Taurine 20g/kg Dicalcium Phosphate Granular 100/kg Glucose Monohydrate 403g/kg A MUST IN EVERY BREEDING PROGRAM.

May help during:

  • Pregnancy, maintains Queens’s energy levels and increases liveliness of newborns for more vigorous live born.
  • Queens produce higher quality and quantity of milk •  Maintains peak condition of Queens for quicker recycling and rebreeding.
  • Aids in proper digestive action during times of:
  • Stress from travel, boarding, or showing
  • Diarrhoea or Upset Stomach.
  • Antibiotic Therapy or Illness - Also useful in establishing "good" bacteria for newborns! 
  • Use daily to increase feed absorption, consistency of stools,
  • Protect against digestive upsets.
  • Enhances cat colour for show animals.
  • Boosts immune system against disease and infection.
  • Increases feed efficiency through improved absorption of foods.
  • Balanced nutritional support during critical periods of stress or illness
  • Helps prevent excessive shedding
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular, retinal and reproductive disorders.

Direction for use:

  • Give mixed with moist feed once daily.
  • Cat 5kg 1 small scoop = 5g

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Also available in 200 grams, 1kg & 3kg tubs for Breeders.