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Microchip Scanner Reader - 5410T Animal ID Reader (Temperature Version )
Microchip Scanner Reader - 5410T Animal ID Reader (Temperature Version )

Microchip Scanner Reader - 5410T Animal ID Reader (Temperature Version )

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Large Microchip Scanner/Reader . Cost effective and easy to use with 

microchip scanner with Bluetooth Connection 5410T Animal ID Reader (Temperature Version ) Frequency:125Khz& 134.2Khz  

Petproducts-online.com.au Compact Reader Horses  Cattle & Livestock Ear Tag & Dog’s cat’


 Microchip HDX & FDX-B Scanner as used by HARNESS RACING VICTORIA   for Horses


Supports both scanning tags to memory (to read later on your device or download to your PC) and the real time transfer of scanned cattle tag numbers to your phone, tablet or computer (Apple, Android, PC or Mac) by Bluetooth.

Use the real time transfer feature with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers & AgriWebb.  No expensive subscriptions are required - tag numbers can even just be scanned to your Apple Notes or Google Keep if you don't wish to use a spreadsheet.  It is very easy to connect to your device by Bluetooth and tag numbers appear on your screen where your cursor is as if you typed them on a keyboard. 

It’s simple design and easy Bluetooth connectivity makes it the ideal unit for operating on the go. Operating on rechargeable batteries (included), it will work continuously for scanning over 50,000 NLIS tags on a full battery charge. The devices feature a microUSB port and includes a USB charging lead.

The handy handheld scanner reads all Australian NLIS approved sheep and cattle electronic ear tags. In addition, it also reads pet microchips (dog, cat & horses).  For cows, the device is suited for use when they are immobilized in a cattle crush or head bale.

The compact scanner includes a Repeat Read function which you can enable or disable depending on whether or not you want the same NLIS tag number to be stored more than once. With the repeat read function disabled, when you scan a cow's ear tag for the second or more time, it will not be stored again and the device will give you a warning with an audible beep, and an on screen message.  This ensures you get an accurate count.


  • A powerful device in an easy to carry around size.
  • Data storage of 20,000 records.
  • Sound alert on successful scan.
  • Download ear tag records to your PC.
  • Real time transfer of scanned cattle tag numbers to your phone, tablet or computer by Bluetooth (Apple, Android, PC or Mac).
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries charged with a common micro USB cable.
  • Change the device's automatic sleep function from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Powerful antenna to scan tags from the front or back of the device.
  • High brightness OLED screen.

What's in the box:

  • NLIS Smart  Compact Reader
  • USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Instructions


Fr equ ency 134.2KH z Standard FDXB 、 FDX A 、 HDX (ISO11784/ 85),E MID

Read Distance FDX

B 2*12 mm Glass Tag 8 cm 30 mm

Ear Ta g 19 cm d e pends on reader and environments

FDX A 2*12 mm G lass Tag 8 cm

HDX 2*12 mm G lass Tag 8 cm

30 m m Ear Ta g 15 cm d e pends on reader and environments

Standard ISO 11784/85

Reading Time Less than 100 m Signal

Indication 128*6 O LED and buzzer

Power supply lithium battery

Power consumption 0.4 W

Memory 20 000 ID Including Tag encoding + time

Battery endurance M

ore than 50 000 times reading after full charged


Mode USB 2 .0 、 Bluetooth Weight 350 g

Dimension 227 x 110 x 31 mm

Language Chinese 、 English 、 Japanese 、 Russian