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Microchip Scanner Reader - Large
Microchip Scanner Reader - Large

Microchip Scanner Reader - Large

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Large Microchip Scanner/Reader . Cost effective and easy to use with 

microchip scanner with Bluetooth Connection

New to the Market 

 scanners now with ; Free 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Battery Li-ion Batteries x 2

when the Bluetooth is on, please connect with your device with Bluetooth, after connection successfully, the current information ID number will be sent to the relevant device with Bluetooth


See Operation Instructions in photo's

Animal Handheld Reader for Animal Identification Market

⚫  can be used for animal management, resource management, railway inspection etc.

⚫ It supports ISO11784/5 FDX-B, FDX-A HDX and EMID tag reading. Read standard can be switched as request.

⚫ Data storage of 20000 records and long read range.

⚫ The unique three-button design gives users the biggest convenience in single hand operation.

⚫ After reading some RFID tags, it can display the information and the reading time while storing data.

⚫ User can transmit the information to the PC automatically through USB and Bluetooth.

⚫ FRD 5410 adopts a high-brightness O LED display screen which which can be displayed clearly in indoor or outdoor glare conditions.

⚫ Four Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian


Fr equ ency 134.2KH z Standard FDXB 、 FDX A 、 HDX (ISO11784/ 85),E MID

Read Distance FDX

B 2*12 mm Glass Tag 8 cm 30 mm

Ear Ta g 19 cm d e pends on reader and environments

FDX A 2*12 mm G lass Tag 8 cm

HDX 2*12 mm G lass Tag 8 cm

30 m m Ear Ta g 15 cm d e pends on reader and environments

Standard ISO 11784/85

Reading Time Less than 100 m Signal

Indication 128*6 O LED and buzzer

Power supply lithium battery

Power consumption 0.4 W

Memory 20 000 ID Including Tag encoding + time

Battery endurance M

ore than 50 000 times reading after full charged


Mode USB 2 .0 、 Bluetooth Weight 350 g

Dimension 227 x 110 x 31 mm

Language Chinese 、 English 、 Japanese 、 Russian